End of the road

Why Life Alchemy is closing

Before COVID-19, I had begun a partnership with two friends and fellow massage therapists with the goal of transitioning my practice over to them in the following months.

This came from a desire on my part to focus on my writing full-time and their dream of having their own massage practice.

During quarantine, the three of us were working hard to get all of the details in place, from designing a new service menu to revamping the website and ticking all the legal boxes.

Then, I received an unexpected email from them in May, informing me that they were no longer moving forward.

I have made the difficult decision to begin a gradual process of closing my business.

Life Alchemy was created through the connections I’ve made with each and every one of you over the years, connections that ranged from lighthearted and joyful to raw and vulnerable, often within a single session.

Many of you have shared with me the role I’ve been fortunate to play in your journey, and know that I, too, am not the same person who started this business.

Your willingness to risk vulnerability and allow an authentic connection to unfold has inspired me to live with greater depth and courage, and I am more grateful than words can express.

The when, what and how

How this final phase will unfold

Starting May 25, I will be reopening on a limited basis to finish any sessions with clients who purchased packages, series, or gift certificates prior to COVID-19.

During this time, which will likely take about two months, perhaps a bit longer, I will also be offering 30-minute tarot sessions at my office, which you can continue to book online.

If you are a client with a prepaid package or gift certificate for non-tarot services, please get in touch with me to schedule (melissa[at] or call/text 573-444-1337).

To prevent confusion and new client bookings, all of my non-tarot services have been removed from the online booking system.

Unfortunately, I will not be accepting any appointments except for those outlined above. 

As much as I would love to accommodate all of the wonderful requests for more sessions before I close, it feels too difficult, emotionally, to decide who gets to come in and who doesn’t, as there are too many requests to honor them all. 

Since I have been steering the ship of my life in another direction for the last two months, which included making commitments to writing projects, going back to full-time massage on top of honoring those commitments would be incredibly stressful at this point.

Had I known I’d be temporarily closed for COVID and the business-ownership transition wasn’t going to happen, I would have made very different decisions, one being taking the opportunity to say goodbye to all of you in person.

Thank you so very much for being a part of the Life Alchemy community over the years.

I am deeply honored for the time that I have shared with you.

Be well.



It’s too early to tell where this will go, but I have had some interest in the business from other massage therapists (some of whom also offer energy work and/or intuitive readings).

If you want to be kept up-to-date, in the event that someone awesome takes over my space, hop on my email list here.