Don’t miss out…

From September 10 – 28, I’m away in Maine for an advanced bodywork training.

My schedule tends to fill up faster before and after I’m away. It’s best to book your October sessions now, so you can snag your preferred dates before they’re filled.

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Curious? What I’m training in, and why…

I’m studying a method called Structural Integration (often referred to as Rolfing, after its founder, Dr. Ida Rolf) at a school called ATSI, led by one of my bodywork idols, Tom Myers.

This course is part one of three, and when I’m completely done I’ll be able to offer what’s known as a twelve-series. This is a carefully sequenced progression of sessions, tailored to your body and designed to release deeply held tension and postural patterns that are preventing you from moving, breathing, and feeling your best.

Currently, there are only three practitioners in the entire state (and none trained at this particular school), but because this method has profoundly transformed how I feel in my body, I’m eager to be able to offer it in my practice so you can feel the benefits, too.

Plus, it requires me to take my understanding of anatomy and physiology to a whole new level, and as a body nerd, that’s right in my wheelhouse.

When will I be offering these sessions?

Ideally, I’d like to complete the training next summer (it’s only offered once per year). That said, it depends on finances; this course is a pretty hefty commitment, but given how impactful this work can be, I know it will be more than worth it.

I’ll be taking part two this October (2018), after which I’ll need guinea pigs for an abbreviated version of the complete twelve-series, a three-series. Interested? Hop on my mailing list to be notified when the time comes.

Then, I’ll head back to Maine three times in March, April and June of 2019 for the third and final part, after which I can begin offering the twelve-series.

I’ll be learning so many things to help you relieve pain, unravel tension, and feel awesome in your body, but don’t take my word for it–book your next session now and feel it for yourself. See you soon!

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