How do I schedule an appointment?

The fastest way is to book online. Simply go to my services page and click on any of the  “book now” buttons. From there, you’ll be asked to choose the service type and the date and time.

I accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and cash. You have the option to pay online ahead of time or at my office. If you are using a gift certificate, please bring that to your session.

After you book online, you’ll receive an email confirming your appointment, and you will also be sent a link to your intake form. Please fill out the form before your appointment. The form is 100% secure and encrypted, and by filling it out online we can begin your session when you arrive, instead of cutting into your session time with paperwork. (If you’re unable to fill the form out beforehand, no worries–you can certainly do it at the office.)

What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?

When you book your appointment online, you will have the option to create an account with MassageBook, my appointment scheduling system. If you choose to create an account, you can simply log into your account to change or cancel your appointment. Otherwise, please email me at melissa@getmomassage.com or call/text 573-444-1337.

Please change/cancel your appointment a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment time.

Cancellation policy

I reserve the right to charge:

50% of your appointment fee for  cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance

The full appointment fee for no-show, no-call

If you are ill, please cancel your appointment ASAP, especially if you have a fever. Massage can exacerbate the symptoms of many illnesses, and you also risk spreading infection to your therapist and other clients.

What can I expect at my appointment?

Please arrive five minutes before your appointment time so you can use the restroom, if necessary, and get comfy.

Note: If you arrive late, I will do my best to accommodate you, but your appointment may have to be shortened due to scheduling constraints, and I cannot offer discounts for shortened sessions.

If you are coming in for a blended session with massage, Reiki, and tarot coaching, we’ll start in my reading room with your tarot coaching. Then, we’ll transition to the treatment room and go over any physical concerns you may have that day, such as muscular aches and other issues.

I’ll step out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and get onto the massage table. We’ll begin with the Reiki healing, during which time you will simply be asked to relax, let go, and enjoy the music.

The energy work blends seamlessly into the next portion of your session, the massage, which uses a homemade body butter featuring a special blend of essential oils. Once the massage is complete, I will again step out of the room so you can get dressed.

Throughout the entire session, only the area of your body that is currently being massaged will be undraped (for example, your arm or your leg), and the drape will be replaced when I move to another area. Privacy areas will never be undraped during a session.

For blended massage and Reiki healing sessions, the format is the same as above: We’ll start with the energy work and then transition into the massage portion.

For Structural Integration sessions, we’ll start Session One with a thorough verbal intake, going over your health history and any questions you might have about the SI process.

Then, I’ll step out of the room so you can undress to your choice of opaque bra and underwear or two-piece bathing suit, and we’ll do a visual assessment of posture and basic movements.

The rest of the session will consist of hands-on treatment paired with your movement. For example, when I’m working on your lower leg, I might ask you to point and flex your foot.

After the session, I’ll step out so you can get dressed and we’ll go over any movement or postural changes for you to experiment with between now and your next session.

You can learn more about Structural Integration sessions here.

Do I need to tip?

That’s entirely up to you! Tips are never expected but always appreciated.

Exception: I do not accept tips for Structural Integration sessions. 

Another common question: What’s a reasonable tip?

Again, this is entirely up to you. A standard tip is in the 15% to 20% range, and if you’re paying in person with a credit card, my payment processor will automatically suggest tip amounts so you don’t have to attempt mental math with a post-massage brain.  😉

Do you sell gift certificates?

Absolutely! I currently offer gift certificates in two ways:

You can purchase paper certificates at my office before/after your next session.

You can purchase digital certificates here

A few more details...

My goal is to create a space where you can experience healing and rejuvenation, and your comfort and sense of safety are paramount.

Throughout your session, I can:

adjust depth of pressure or speed

avoid areas of trauma

use verbal cues prior to touch

provide additional draping

answer questions

…as well as tailoring other factors based on your preference, so please don’t hesitate to communicate what you need.

Other questions?

Please contact me–I’m happy to help.