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Call on the magic of autumn, and slip through the veil…

As nights grow longer and shadows deepen, exploration of our own shadow is enhanced by the energies of the season.

One of the most potent ways to “start up a conversation” with hidden shadow material is to work with your dreams.

In this special session, we’ll take a three-part approach to supercharging your dream work:

  1. We’ll start with a magical tarot reading, using a special deck that I only use during this time of year: the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. The images seem to spring from the liminal realm between sleeping and waking, and I find them to be particularly helpful in dream work. In your reading, we’ll uncover themes and inner characters that will be most fruitful for you to work with in dreams (which you’ll do through ritual; more on that below).
  2. You’ll then transition to the massage table for a healing Reiki session, during which we’ll tap into further insights to power your dream work, while also giving Reiki the opportunity to create energetic shifts to enhance your inner sight. (You’ll be treated to a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage with luscious autumn-spice-scented body butter, too!)
  3. Before you leave, we’ll go over a simple dream ritual to perform before bed, with pointers on how to tailor the ritual to the insights gleaned through your tarot reading and energy work. You’ll receive a vial of Datura Dream Potion*, which can be dabbed on before bed to enhance your dream work, as well as an easy-to-follow ritual handout.

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Over time, dream work can help you build a more productive dialogue between the conscious and unconscious mind, making it very helpful in shifting seemingly intractable patterns.

If you’re ready to expand your shadow work, book your Piercing the Dream Veil Session today.

Piercing the Dream Veil is a 60-minute session, $80

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*The Datura Dream Potion is made with organic carrier and essential oils charged with moonstone, and the sealed bottle was placed at the base of my blooming datura plant under a Full Moon. Datura is highly toxic, and this potion does not contain any physical constituents of the plant.