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New Year, new chance to shine on, you crazy diamond, you!

The New Year is a magical time to wipe the slate clean and step into possibility and purpose.

Out with the old that didn’t work quite as well as you’d hoped…and in with a new attitude of soulful curiosity.

Combine the momentum of the season with powerful guidance from the tarot to jump start your best year yet.

Your Best Year Yet Session begins with a detailed twelve-month tarot spread: You’ll get a snapshot of each month, identifying themes and practical tips to help you take advantage of timely opportunities, while sidestepping potential potholes in your path. (You’ll also get a take-home sheet with customized monthly guidance so you can refer back and stay on track.)

You’ll then transition to the massage table for a balancing head-to-toe Reiki healing, designed to dissolve energetic obstructions and send you into the New Year with more clarity and resolve.  Think of it like treating your energy body to a spiritual Red Bull.

And finally, bliss out to a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage with organic, handmade body butter blended with energy-enhancing essential oils. When you lower your stress levels, you’re able to approach situations with creativity and curiosity, see what’s working over fixating on what’s not, and enter into a state of flow.

Can you think of a better way to start the New Year?

Book your Best Year Yet Session today, and get ready to rock 2019.

90-minute session, $100

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