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Rooted: A Special Session

“Grounding” is a bit of a buzzword these days, but what does it really mean to be grounded?

We often associate grounding with feeling stable and steady, or perhaps being present in our bodies without getting overly caught up in our heads.

But it’s also really interesting to think about grounding in terms of physics.

If something has either an excess or a deficiency of electrons, this results in a negative or positive charge.

To return to neutral, the object needs to be connected to a larger something that can handle either removing or donating electrons.

For example, the electrical system in your house relies on the grounding power of the earth, which is necessary to protect you and your appliances from electrical surges and dangerous shocks.

Digging Deeper

The Power of Deep Grounding

When we’re grounded, we have a dynamic connection to something larger than our individual egos, and this helps us feel more resilient in the face of life’s surges and shocks.

This connection isn’t just an intellectual curiosity; we can feel it in our bodies.

In this 75-minute session, deepen your sense of grounding with a potent combo of tarot coaching and Structural Integration.

We’ll start with your tarot reading, identifying which area of your life or specific issue is most important for you to focus on right now.

We’ll explore ways to approach the situation that will enhance your sense of grounding, rather than leaving you feeling drained or scattered.

We’ll also look at deeper underlying patterns and ways to shift those energetic currents to create longer-lasting change.

Then, we’ll transition to the treatment room for a brief visual assessment (please wear shorts or underwear that you feel comfortable briefly standing in) to determine your unique relationship to the ground.

We’ll look at postural patterns in your feet, ankles, knees and legs and use hands-on techniques paired with simple movements to shift those patterns, helping you feel more stable on your feet and connected to the earth.

If you’ve been curious about Structural Integration work, this is a great way to try it out before signing up for the Twelve Series

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