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Ready for awesome, feel-good energy?

Get your energy movin’ and groovin’ with this special session, perfect for clearing away winter funk and moving into spring with power and purpose.

In this 60-minute session,  we’ll do a thorough balancing of your chakras…with a twist!

Instead of focusing only on the front of each chakra, we’ll also take an energetic inventory of the backside of these energy centers as this can be a holding place for unconscious material.

This “backside baggage” can support unhealthy habits and hard-to-change patterns.

Think of that spot on your back that’s oh-so-hard to reach when you have an itch. In a similar fashion, the energetic areas that are less accessible to our conscious awareness can contribute to frustrating imbalances, which are often hard to put our finger on.

Chakra Spring Cleaning

You’ll start the session on the treatment table, face-down, and we’ll move through each of your seven primary chakras, reading them for imbalances and intuitive messages before cleansing and balancing each chakra with Reiki and a light-touch energy clearing technique, borrowed from the Jikiden Reiki tradition.     

Then, you’ll flip over and we’ll address the front side of each chakra, with Reiki and a unique blend of massage,  Structural Integration techniques, and tapping, specific to each chakra.

For example, to balance your solar plexus in the upper abdomen, we’ll use Reiki paired with a Structural Integration method designed to gently open up the diaphragm and free the lower rib cage for a more expansive breath.

Please note: For females, since we’ll be working in the abdominal region, please wear a bra or bathing suit top that you feel comfortable in. We can also drape the upper chest with a towel and bring the sheet down to waist level to expose the abdomen—whichever you’re more comfortable with.

This session is a fun way to experience different energy healing and bodywork techniques, while learning wellness-boosting insights about your entire chakra system.

Chakra Spring Cleaning is a 60-minute session, $65

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