Reiki Integration

The Reiki Integration Session is based on a previous monthly special, which proved to be so transformative that clients requested  I make it a permanent part of my offerings, so without further ado…

Integrate Your Many Parts

This session borrows from a framework called Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. In a nutshell, IFS views the human psyche as being populated by many different parts, like a cast of movie characters.

During our day-to-day life, different characters will step onto our internal stage, and whichever character is on stage in any given moment determines how we think and feel, how we relate to others and to ourselves, how we make decisions, and so forth.

For example, if you have an internal Judge Judy on stage, you’ll be more prone to judge yourself and others. The internal Worrywart will cause you to see things from its worried worldview.

In addition to all of your parts, though, you have a wise witness: the Self. When the Self is on stage, you are able to look at yourself and others with compassion and make decisions from this centered place. 

The Self can guide your parts, essentially acting like a wise and loving overseer who ensures that your parts work together harmoniously and that each is fulfilling a role that is healthy and useful in your life.

How Tarot + Reiki Can Help

This one-hour session will unfold as follows:

  1. We’ll start with an in-depth tarot reading designed to pinpoint which of your internal parts are most dominant in your life right now. We’ll look to the cards for practical ways that you can help these parts work together more effectively and harmoniously, so your energy isn’t drained through self-sabotage.
  2. Then, we’ll transition to the massage table for a Reiki healing session. Reiki is a powerful way of connecting to the Self, and this Self has the ability to heal and to hold your parts into a cohesive whole. Additional intuitive messages often come through during this part of the session, building on the information uncovered in the tarot reading and helping you relate to these internal parts in healthier, more compassionate ways.
  3. And finally, we’ll end with a soothing scalp and neck massage to leave you feeling invigorated and ready to embrace a more integrated outlook on life!

 Reiki Integration is a 60-minute session, $75

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