Reiki Level One

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Become a healer

Earn your Level One Reiki Certification while learning how to create deep, lasting change in your life.

Do you want to activate your intuition and use it to create health and wellbeing?

Do you want to transform areas of stuckness in your life?

Do you want to perform hands-on healing for yourself and others?

Well then, you’re in the right place.

This course is a powerful blend of Reiki wisdom and effective self-transformation tools. Together, they will help you shed limiting beliefs and patterns, connecting you with your intuition and igniting your healing capabilities.

unleash your inner healer

Dissolve Inner Barriers

These tools will uncover deep, unconscious factors preventing you from expressing your authentic potential, factors which can contribute to frustrating health issues.

You’ll learn how to use Reiki in combination with unique meditation and journaling practices to transform inner blocks into personal power, bringing more balance to your entire being–body, mind and soul.

Level One Reiki

Become a Reiki Healer

Learn the fundamentals of Reiki healing in a fascinating format that guides you in applying these principles to your own life.

For example, rather than the standard dry history lesson of Reiki’s inception, you’ll look at the life of Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki healing system, through the lens of what I call the Here and Now Practices

What did Usui do that we, today, can tap into? He created a system that, over a 100 years later, people around the world are still using, so clearly he was onto something! We’ll look at precisely what that something is–and so much more–in this course.

Go beyond the surface of Reiki teachings and learn the deeper transformative principles that have the power to unlock your wise inner healer.

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