Reiki Level Two

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Supercharge Your Healing Skills

Do you feel called to go deeper on your healing journey?

In this Level Two course you will learn how to perform effective inner alchemy, which will enhance your ability to:

initiate healing for yourself and others

tap into inner wisdom to make soul-full decisions

respond mindfully to triggering people and situations

generate your desired energetic state, moment-by-moment

…and much more.

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Activate Divine Powers

In this course, we will explore something called the Ten Divine Powers.

Learn how to work with these potent energies to create the life your soul is yearning for–a life where you are living from your True Self, tapping into and expressing the unique gifts that only you possess.

working with clients

Facilitate Powerful Healing

As you move through the next two stages of self-transformation–Polarization and Merging–you will learn how to apply this deep personal growth to your work with clients. This process builds powerfully on the material covered in Level One: Illumination and Submersion.

Level Two shows you how to create a physical and energetic healing space, while showing you the nuts and bolts of conducting Reiki sessions.

We’ll also cover how to perform a distance healing session using a variety of fun and effective methods. This is an excellent way to expand your healing practice and reach clients from around the world.

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Please note:┬áThis course is available to students who have successfully completed Level One. You must allow one month after your Level One attunement before taking Level Two. During this time, please use Reiki for self-treatment regularly–daily, if possible.

Level One Reiki courses from other schools cannot be substituted for your Life Alchemy Level One course, as we cover a great deal of material not presented in other courses.